The greatest untapped resource in health care is the consumer.
Well informed patients get better care from their doctors and provide better care for themselves.

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  • Chiropractic Doctor
            Early recovery from injury and chronic pain requires correct diagnosis and treatment, which results in early noticeable decrease in your condition. Our clinic has been serving patients and their families since 1972. Read more...
  • Science and Technology in Practice
            Our clinic service and care includes cold laser therapy which demonstrates rapid improvement and long term recovery. Farabloc is a smart fibre that helps injury or chronic conditions by blocking EMF (electro magnetic fields). Read more...
  • Guest Speaker
            Dr. Don Nixdorf is available for presentations and workshops to help recognize, treat, and prevent spine related conditions. Key safety and prevention presentations have been made to companies, service clubs and health conferences. Contact Dr. Don Nixdorf for more information here...
  • Author
            Co-author of the book, “Squandering Billions, Health Care In Canada” sheds light on why provincial and personal costs increase and what are some solutions to improve health services and lower costs. Read more...
  • Radio Talk Show Host
            “Dr. Don” has been the host of radio talk programs on health care at two Vancouver radio stations. Key to these programs were expert guests from North America and BC audience and listeners calling in with their comments and questions.
  • Education
            The BC Chiropractic Association and its partners have a selection of videos that provide you and your family information for recovery from injury or chronic pain. In addition Dr. Nixdorf hosted Season 1 and 2 of Empowered Health, which explained your back and leading research. Read more...

  • Recent Posts


Research and technology is providing smart fabrics which help improve health. Published studies continue to identify the positive effects occurring from the reduced exposure to high EMF.

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  • Empowered Health Video Series
View the Empowered Health Your Spine, Your Health educational video series hosted by Dr. Don Nixdorf. See the video archive »

Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 1

Dr. Don Nixdorf introduces us to season two of "Your Spine/Your Health" which will focus on research, education and practice.

Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 2

When it comes to research, read between the lines. Dr. Don Nixdorf tells us what to look for when it comes to reviewing research publications.

Empowered Health Season 2 Episode 10

What exactly is a Diagnosis and why is it important to the healthcare you receive? Dr. Jay Robinson, President of the BC Chiropractic Association discusses how doctors formulate an appropriate diagnosis and what this means to you, the patient.


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